The Supplier Development Service has the following steps:

1) Customer Needs Assessment:

Evaluation of the company’s business plan and identification of the real and best business opportunities for your company.

2) Search and Evaluation of Suppliers and Products:

We work together with your company to find and evaluate suppliers and products. This work involves:

  • Supplier identification with our partners.
  • Sending reports of visits, audits and quality inspection at the supplier’s facilities, carried out by our partners, to evaluate the production process.
  • Management of the product certification process.

3) Negotiation with the supplier:

Our partners negotiate your demand directly with suppliers in China to guarantee the best supply conditions, including the price and quality of products. This one work involves:

  • Preparation of the supply plan for your company (physical and financial).
  • Negotiation with the supplier within the supply plan (specifications, quality, packaging, prices, payment terms, delivery time and logistics).
  • Support in the review of supply contracts.

4) Management of the supply process:

We can completely and permanently manage your company’s relationship with your supplier partner in China. This work involves:

  • Purchase follow-up. Management of purchase orders to guarantee delivery time and price.
  • Quality warranty. Quality assurance management to ensure that products are in compliance with your company’s specifications and industry standards.
  • Logistics. Transport logistics management for Brazil. This physical monitoring process, too, will involve all customs documentation in Brazil and abroad.

Advantages when hiring this service:

  • Cost reduction in the process of developing suppliers abroad, with the purchase of raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products.
  • Manufacturers with international certifications.
  • Consultancy in planning your imports.
  • Quality inspection services for your products before shipment.
  • Factory audit services abroad.

Through our partners, we contribute to the identification, evaluation and selection of the best supplier, in addition to managing the supply process for Brazil.

The best suppliers are those that guarantee the fulfillment of all requirements for the delivery of the product on time, with low cost and within the criteria of quality and safety specified by the customer and the Market.


The Process Monitoring Service

We start with contact with supplier or customer, instructing all steps of the operation, aiming at passing through Brazilian customs quickly and safely, without extra costs.


Other services available

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