Much more than assisting your company during the logistical and bureaucratic import and export process, we are at your side, providing a complete foreign trade consultancy service, dedicated to the research and development of products and suppliers, thus meeting the companies’ demand. Brazilian and foreign, ready to import or export, but who are unaware of assertive approach channels to establish their partnerships or are not yet fully inserted in international trade.

We have a deep knowledge and experience in the international area that we have acquired over 25 years of work in this market. We have the support of qualified tools and teams abroad to support us and offer security in operations.
If your company intends to import, we know the ways to assist you in the composition of the company, qualification to act in international trade, find and bring products of interest, as well as locate the commercial opportunities you are looking for.

Development of new markets, through the search process, procurement, outsourcing, sourcing, identification of new suppliers, customers and technologies anywhere in the world.

The consultancy includes product research, monitoring of all processes involving quotation, product validation, monitoring, quality control, financial, logistics, among other procedures to ensure the successful completion of the operation.